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Artist Statement

My work is expunged from found materials, chosen for donation by others, leaving me with little say over most of my creative materials. This network of friends, neighbors and enthusiasts offers me objects with diminished pragmatic value, but that possess sentimental properties, and the donator commissions me with preservation of both through incorporation into my works. Blind acquisition of materials dictates my creative role be the continuation of

value, and worth.

Unlike working towards a patron’s vision, or contemporary artists who challenges the viewer to accept their statement, my creations are by the commission given implicit value, through the materials themselves. Faberge's camp gaudiness influences my work, as does his philosophy of how an object gains worth. Pieces were not to be judged by the cost of the gems, but rather the entire object, as a whole, that gave each object its value. As a Maxist, using the Czar's jeweler as inspiration, to talk about modern consumption, wealth distribution, and waste, by presenting Pop Art statues, taps into the irony of todays socio political struggle. Gay Raccoon Art is a subversion of ordinary artistic endeavor. It impels itself to find or create new worth for the broken and unwanted.