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Community Based Eco-Friendly art

Artists Statement

 My art confronts the idea of worth. My worth, others worth, the earth’s worth, and capitalist based Stockholm syndrome on which our ideas of worth are based. 

 Donated materials, and found objects, offers a release from the need to control all situations, challenging my creative self to use what is on hand. My community gives me the tools to have a conversation about why we are choosing, to walk through our own waste, texting.

 The individual items viscerally connect to childhood memories, and this familiarity reflects just how much disposable goods pass through our hands. The shiny plastic, and broken mirrors reflect the vier in real time, furthering engaging them in the present making. Items that were once treasures, have become trash. My art gives these broken and discarded treasures new worth. Faberge said it was not the size and value of the gems that made his pieces of worth, but the overall impression. 

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