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What is the best time to present the Couple Rings as an present and what does it represent

Engagement rings with sapphire are a favorite among women regardless of whether they're yellow or pink.

Blue sapphire rings carry an important meaning

Every woman loves the timeless blue sapphire ring. It is a favorite present for engagements due to its classic appeal. It's simple: blue sapphire symbolizes happiness and peace due to its blue color. It is a reason why it is common to believe that a blue sapphire ring will protect and ward off misfortune for the people who wear it. Blue sapphires are also known for its purity and devotion to one another which is why it's the perfect choice to ask your loved one to marry you, since it represents sincere, devoted love.

Sapphire: a suggestive precious stone

The sapphire, which is among the most stunning precious stones used in jewelry, is the perfect stone to pay tribute to women with blue eyes. According to the ancient tradition, people who have sapphires are loyal and pious and capable of resisting the temptation. The chemical composition of sapphire is made up of aluminum oxide. It is the only natural element that can reach an Mohs hardness level of 9. The largest deposits of sapphire are located in Australia, Burma and Cambodia. The gems can also be found in Thailand, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Gems are typically cut into the round, oval or heart-shaped shape. They can also be cut into a baguette shape or heart-shaped cut.

Sapphire rings of all colors, not only blue

There are a variety of colors of sapphires, such as orange, yellow, and pink. Most rings are made of blue, pink, or yellow sapphires available. These are created from white gold, which works well with the yellow. Rings that have pink sapphires however, are perfect for women who are romantic. Prices vary based on the features of the ring. It is based on the material and the size of the stone, as well as the presence of diamonds within the ring. The prices for the cheapest models range from 300 to 400 euros. But, they could be as high as 10 thousand euros if they are signed by an important fashion house.


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